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Entrepreneurs often associate how leads and sales are generated, by focusing on the sales staff. It is easy to forget how important all the other access points and areas where clients interact with your team. 

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As a business owner you know how expensive, time and energy consuming it is, to acquire new customers.

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Most online marketing methods focus on this particular point and you can spend a lot of money on SEO, website upgrades, sales landing pages or Google and Facebook ads. 

It is easy to forget that all it takes for people to leave your business and go somewhere else, is one bad experience.

It gets worse: People are expecting to get what they pay for today, so they take it for granted. However, if they do have a bad experience, they will tell all their friends and relatives, write a bad review and you can land-up losing dozens of potential new clients and that will make your competitors happy.

Let's break down the webinar:

How and why to look at your business from the outside in, putting yourself in your customers shoes.

Why and how to stay in touch with your existing clients.

Simple ways to teach your staff on how to answer the phone effectively

What it truly means to provide great customer service (not like in the movie “ I Care A Lot”)

How to ask for referrals

How to keep your sales team motivated and energized and instill a business philosophy among them. 

The importance of networking

What to look for to have a website that converts

How to become more effective at Social Selling

After watching this webinar, you will likely look at your business with fresh new eyes. You will create a culture where your entire team becomes aligned with your vision. A new energy will run through your company and act as a magnet for more leads and happy clients.

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Some of the areas shared inside the program:
A sales method that will make you feel confident, comfortable and in control- 
A sales method that gives you the right words to answer any difficult question 
An easy-to-follow sales process designed by Laurent 
Gain confidence to ask for the sale
Eliminate fear of being pushy when asking for a sale
Stop feeling anxious about the next question during presentations
Increase your ability to get into a business owner's headspace and resonate with them better than anyone else

"Now I can conduct interviews and deal with businesses thanks to the time I spent observing the way he directs and sells to clients."

Closing the deal is almost secondary to his way of working.

I appreciate that for Laurent it is not necessarily about making the sale, but identifying and fulfilling a client's need.


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